About Us


Dents-Away is a privately owned company with over 10 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality repairs and always strive for customer satisfaction. Our aim is to restore your car to its pre-dent condition at a fraction of body shop costs and without the hassle and inconvenience of a painted repair.

Trusted by Insurance companies manufacturers and dealerships throughout the length of the UK and Ireland to restore their cars to 100%. Let us do the same for you!


Our service is very cost effective if you are returning a lease vehicle with minor damage.


Please don't be fooled into thinking that these damaged areas need re-painting, in most cases the use of P.D.R. will remove any trace of damage, saving you money.


Why Dents-Away?


We understand the importance of maintaining your cars appearance, but sometimes dents will appear, usually without your knowledge and without anyone owning up to it. Years ago a painted repair was your only option, and an expensive one at that. But not any more, and thats where Dents-Away can help.

With the use of specially designed hand tools, years of experience and an eye for detail, we are able to gently massage the panel behind the damaged area and slowly bring it back to its original position. In some cases where access to the dent is an issue then the use of glue may be utilized.

Our technician will explain all the options available on arrival.

We will aim to make an appointment to repair your vehicle within the week of your initial inquiry, at a time and place that is convenient to you.


• Fully mobile service - we come to you

• No need for painting / fillers

• Completely environmentally friendly

• No risk of incorrect colour match

• Fraction of bodyshop cost

• Your no claims bonus are unaffected

• A cost effective option for leased vehicles


PDR is approved by V.B.R.A. and the O.F.T. All our work is guaranteed, so for your blemish free vehicle, why not contact us for a FREE estimate and don’t let those minor dents depreciate your car and spoil it’s resale value.